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Another Day In Paradise !

From Kasie Jansen

March 1, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure and privilege to know Lisa Heiple first from High School where she was a good student and friend who has kept in touch over the years, and second as a Realtor in Oregon who sold my husband and I first, on the idea of a lake house and then not one, but two lake houses.

Lisa communicates ideas well, is extremely diligent and thoroughly reliable. She is expertly versed on the properties all over ‘both arms’ of the lake and was able to share with us the nuances of both ‘boat access only’ and ‘road access’ properties. We had never purchased lake property before so we could not have fully grasped the differences between these two types of lake properties if she had not taken the time to walk us through the differences and actually show us in person the pros and cons of the different types of properties.

She shared this critical information by not only telling us, but also showing us the differences by taking us all over the lake on her boat. This really helped us to be free to make the best decision for our family. It was during our visits with her we decided to purchase not only one, but two lake properties.

Further,she keeps abreast of all the politics of the lake community, and the larger community of Coos Bay. She goes to meetings in the interest of maintaining and increasing the property values on the lake. In particular, and in catering to the needs of people on the lake like us, I know she is working with community leaders to increase the air traffic into the area.

I rest easier knowing that she not only owns a house on the lake, but she also takes a vested interest in the property values on the lake. One of the properties I purchased on the lake was bank owned and Lisa worked so hard to negotiate the price; she was a little pit bull, coming up with a strategy and tirelessly seeing it through.

I considered myself very fortunate to have her on my side of the deal. While Lisa is very professional, she is probably too accommodating as she spends way too much time ‘hand holding’ her clients- driving potential buyers all over the lake, (she took me crabbing as well!) prepping sellers houses to be sold (she personally, with her son was cleaning peoples huge yards up!) and answering their calls at anytime of night or day, on any day.

She becomes friends with everyone and I just don’t think she knows any other way! Bottom line: Lisa is a seasoned, trustworthy Realtor who shows enthusiasm and boundless energy for buyers and sellers on the Lake, so of course I would most gladly, and highly recommend Lisa Heiple to represent either side of a real estate transaction.

Kasie Jansen, MBA, Realtor®
VP Product Development

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